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Remembering 228 Government Atrocities Panel

Taiwan now has a vibrant democracy, but government atrocities persist elsewhere. After the 228 Massacre Vigil in the Harvard Science Center Plaza, the Coalition welcomed vigil attendees into the Science Center Lecture Hall A for a panel featuring former Tibetan political prisoner Ngawang Sangdrol, Chinese human rights activist Jennifer Zeng, Taiwanese author of “The Third Son” Julie Wu, and a 228 Massacre victim’s great-granddaughter Cosette Wu. Ngawang Sangdrol and Jennifer Zeng reflected on their experiences in prison and a labor camp, respectively, moving the audience to tears. Julie Wu and Cosette Wu spoke about their experiences uncovering Taiwan’s authoritarian past and shed light on the White Terror’s generational impact.

At the end of the event, attendees received 228 Taiwanese Wild Lily Pins commissioned by the North America Taiwanese Women’s Association (NATWA) and took photos for the Coalition’s #Remembering228 photo collage campaign.