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News Briefs

May 2024 News Brief Cover

May 2024 News Brief

TIBET: H.R. 533 Heads to Biden, Teen Monk Commits Suicide, Crackdown on Holy Month // TAIWAN: Lai Inaugurated, PLA Military Exercises, Controversial Bills and the Bluebird Movement // HONG KONG: Spy Found Dead, Hong Kong 47: Trial Update, 7 Arrests Under Article 23 // EAST TURKESTAN+26 Companies On UFLPA List, College Grad Sentenced, Senate Report Released // CHINA: Zhang Zhan Released, Xi Unwelcomed in Europe, China Imposes Economic Sanctions on Guatemala

April 2024 News Brief Cover

April 2024 News Brief

TIBET: Pressure on Atsok Gompa, Educator Expelled, Gonpo Kyi’s Sit-Ins // TAIWAN: Aid Package Approved, Ma and KMT Visit China, National Security Staff // HONG KONG: BN(O) Not Recognized, HK$1.2B Spent On ‘Patriots-Only’ Local Election (2023), Dual National Sentenced // EAST TURKESTANEU Parliament Approves Forced Labor Product Ban, Social Media App Ban, 1 in 26 Uyghurs Imprisoned // CHINA: WhatsApp, Threads Deleted from China App Store, “Do You Think Xi Jinping is a Dictator?” Censorship, Propaganda on Spies

March News Brief Cover

March 2024 News Brief

TIBET: March 10 & Tibet Lobby Day, Dege Prisoners Update, Monk Arrested // TAIWAN: US Military Aid, US and Czech Visit By Hsiao, Wild Lily & Sunflower // HONG KONG: Article 23 Enacted, Student Publication Removed From Campus, Lai Ke Faces Deportation // EAST TURKESTAN: CECC Chairs Raise Whitewashing Concerns, Publisher Sentences, Restrictions on Ramadan // CHINA: Cyber Nationalists Attack Nofu Springs, Tsinghua, etc., US House Passes H.R. 7521, Unfollow Teacher Li

February News Brief Cover

February 2024 News Brief

TIBET: 1000+ Arrests, Tibet Freedom Ranking Drops to Zero, Resolve Tibet Act // TAIWAN: Congressional Delegation, Maritime Dispute, Tuvalu Recognition // HONG KONG: Article 23 Legislation, 3rd Anniversary of “47 Democrats” Mass Arrests, Police Chief: 2,000 New CCTV Cameras “Not Enough” // EAST TURKESTAN: EU: Forced Labor Import Ban on the Horizon, UN Says China Violating Human Right in Xinjiang, 6 Detained in Turkey for Spying on Uyghurs // CHINA: US Barrs Data Flows, “Work Secrets”, Apple Falls & Huawei Rises