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Portraits of Freedom

During Women’s History Month, Portraits of Freedom: The Womxn Driving our Freedom Movements shed warranted light on stories of womxn’s dignity, humanity and resilience in times of profound difficulty and danger. This photo exhibition celebrated the womxn who have played pivotal roles in the Tibetan, Uyghur, Hong Konger, Taiwanese, and Chinese freedom movements as academics, survivors, government officials, lawyers, movement leaders, and more. On display at the Harvard Cabot Discover Bar from 3/25/24 to 4/1/24, Portraits of Freedom uplifted the truth and lived experiences of these womxn in our movements and histories.

The Community Exhibition Viewing and Discussion, hosted on March 29th, welcomed around 30 Boston community members to Harvard’s Cabot Discovery Bar. Boston-area Coalition members kicked off the evening with a presentation on the Tibetan, Taiwanese, Uyghur, and Chinese freedom movements, and a Hong Konger Coalition member joined via video call to present the Hong Kong freedom movement. Attendees browsed the photo exhibition and enjoyed Uyghur laghman noodles from Ali’s Uyghur Kitchen and Taiwanese braised pork with rice cooked by a Coalition member. 

The event concluded with a fruitful discussion reflecting on the role of womxn in our freedom movements, the meanings of freedom, and the future of cross-movement collaboration. Many attendees stayed after the event to browse tables set up by Students for a Free Tibet Boston, the Boston Uyghur Association, and the Harvard Coalition Chapter.