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February 2024

News Brief


Feb 2024 News Tibet 2

1000+ Arrests

On February 23, 1000+ Tibetans were arrested in Dege, Kham for peacefully protesting the construction of a dam that would destroy several monasteries and displace at least 10,000 people.

Feb 2024 News Brief Tibet 2

Tibet Freedom Ranking Drops to Zero

Freedom House ranked Tibet a freedom score of 0 out of 100, marking Tibet’s lowest score ever. For the last three consecutive years, Tibet was ranked the least free place on earth tied with Syria.

Feb 2024 Tibet 3

Resolve Tibet Act

Resolve Tibet Act (H.R. 533) passed the House and now heads to the Senate. This bill would make it official U.S. policy that Tibetans have the right to self-determination, among other clauses.


Feb 2024 Taiwan 1

Congressional Delegation

Rep. Gallagher led a U.S. Congressional delegation of five congressmen (all members of the House Select Committee on the CCP) to Taiwan.

Feb 2024 Taiwan 2

Maritime Dispute

An unregistered Chinese speedboat operating in Taiwan’s “prohibited” waters near Kinmen Island capsized when attempting to flee a coast guard vessel, resulting in two fatalities.

Feb 2024 Taiwan 3

Tuvalu Recognition

Tuvalu’s new government reaffirmed that it would continue to formally recognize Taiwan after a national election in January.

Hong Kong

Feb 2024 HK 1

Article 23 Legislation

The Hong Kong government has pushed the new national security bill to the legislature. Article 23 targets crimes including treason, espionage, sabotage, sedition and external interference, and will have extraterritorials effects outside of Hong Kong.

Feb 2024 HK 2

3rd Anniversary of “47 Democrats” Mass Arrests

Three years after their prosecution in a landmark national security case, the 47 advocates arrested and charged under the security law with “conspiracy to commit subversion” are still waiting to learn their fate

Feb 2024 HK 3

Police Chief: 2,000 New CCTV Cameras ‘Not Enough’

The 2,000 new security cameras to be installed by the end of 2024 are “not enough” and may be equipped with facial recognition functions, said the city’s police chief.

East Turkestan

Feb 2024 East Turkestan 1

EU: Forced Labor Import Ban on the Horizon

The European Union (EU) passed a provisional agreement to ban products manufactured using forced labor by detained Uyghurs in China.

Feb 2024 East Turkestan 2

UN Says China Violating Humans Rights in “Xinjiang”

U.N. Human Rights Chief Volker Türk on March 4 said China was violating fundamental rights in the “Xinjiang” and Tibet regions, calling on Beijing to change course.

Feb 2024 East Turkestan 3

6 Detained in Turkey for Spying on Uyghurs

Turkish authorities have detained six people suspected of spying on Uyghurs in Turkey for China’s intelligence service. Another suspect is being pursued by police.


Feb 2024 China 1

U.S. Barrs Data Flows

A new U.S. executive order barrs genomic data transfers (and bulk transfers of Americans’ geolocation, biometric, health and financial info) to China and other “countries of concern.” 

Feb 2024 China 2

“Work Secrets”

China has widened the scope of Beijing’s state secrets law for the first time since 2010, requiring government agencies to protect information “that are not state secrets but will cause certain adverse effects if leaked.”

Feb 2024 China 3

Apple Falls, Huawei Rises

Apple iPhones sales in China fell 24% during the first six weeks of 2024, while Huawei’s skyrocketed 64%.